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Loon w/ Fish (7MB) (11MB)
Oriole Video (5 MB) (9MB)
Female Oriole (4MB) (7MB)
Orioles at Jelly (3.8MB) (7MB)
GoldFinch (2.6MB) (6MB)
Goldfinch at Feeder (2.75MB) (5.3MB)
Goldfinch Chick Begging (.8MB)
White-crowned Sparrow (1.8MB) (3.4MB)
Red-winged Blackbird (1.7MB) (3.2MB)
Summer Tanager (3.5MB) (6.5MB)
Starlings (3 MB) (6MB)
Starling Bathing (1.8MB)
Red-tailed Hawk(1.8MB)
Common Mergansers (1.8MB)
Northern Shrike (1MB)
Pileated Woodpecker (1.9MB)
Cooper's Hawk (1.6MB)
Great Cormorant (1.1MB)
Juncos (1.9MB) (7MB)
White-throated Sparrows (1.3MB)
Fox Sparrow (3.4MB)
White-breasted Nuthatch (1.8MB)
Immature Eagle (2 MB)
2 Eagles on Nest (7.4 MB)
Peregrine Falcons (8.2 MB)
American Redstart (1.5MB)
Red-winged Blackbird (1.75MB)
Puffins & Razorbills (7MB) (15MB)


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2014 Christmas Bird Counts Results are in

Levenhuk is giving SBC a commission on all binoculars and scopes sold through this link. With a money-back guarantee you can't go wrong.

Something no Maine Birder should do without
A free online system to record, store, and summarize your bird observations. eBird welcomes submission of complete checklists from each outing, and indeed any observation of birds, and provides tools to help you trackyour life, state, year, county, yard, or "patch" lists and much more

Download Stan DeOrsey's printable "Where to Bird in L/A"
A comprehesive list of the best places to go birding in Androscoggin County, complete with map, habitat and accessability keys
SBC's own Dave footer is the cover story on Lewiston Auburn Magazine.

Thorncrag and the Stanton Bird Club are featured as the cover story in
Sept./Oct. 2010 issue of
Lewiston Auburn Magazine

And congratulations to SBC's own Dan Marquis for doing the photography for these two stories.

The Stanton Bird Club was founded in 1919 and named in honor of Dr. Jonathan Y. Stanton, a professor at Bates College in Lewiston. Over the years, a number of parcels of land were donated to the Club. These donations have grown to encompass 372 acres, known as the Thorncrag Nature Sanctuary, in the heart of Lewiston, Maine's second largest city.
The Club also owns and manages the 401 acre Woodbury Bird Sanctuary in Monmouth.

The Club is made up of people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, but they all share a love of nature in general, and birds in particular. Today there are some 300 club members, including about 20 Junior Naturalists. A Board of Directors oversees the Club's finances and activities, both of which have grown tremendously in the last decade.

Although almost all of the Stanton Bird Club's activities are free of charge, membership is encouraged because dues help finance stewardship programs at Thorncrag and educational programs of the Junior Naturalists, as well as help fund the Club's two other sanctuaries. Anyone interested in membership can request a membership brochure.

2014-2015 Schedule 

Regular meetings are held on the first Monday of the month from November through May, starting at 6:30 pm at University of Maine L/A College on Westminster Street in Lewiston. (Some exceptions do exist, so please check the list) Visitors are always welcome and the meetings are free and open to the public.

2014-2015 Schedule 

The Stanton Bird Club offers numerous field trips throughout the year to a variety of local hot spots in the Lewiston-Auburn area, as well as state-wide and even to the coast of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
All trips are led by  experienced birders.  
We hope you'll join us in the field

Be sure to check back on the field trip page to see the results of each outing, along with any photos from the trip!


2013-2014 Schedule

The Junior Naturalists Club is an educational outreach program, sponsored and supported by the Stanton Bird Club




Dan Marquis captured this image of two Robins
eating sumac in the early morning

A winter Robin eating sumac seeds.
Seen near the Promenade Mall in Lewiston.

Nancy Muir photographed this Rough-legged Hawk
on the 2014 Christmas Bird Count






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